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Spacecraft launches

Atlas-V/GOES-S (NASA/NOAA) - March 1, 2018, SLC-41


Falcon-9/CRS14 (NASA) - April 2, 2018, SLC-40


Atlas-V/AFSPC-11 (US Air Force) - April 14, 2018, SLC-41


Delta-IV Heavy/Parker Solar Probe (NASA) - August 10-12, 2018, SLC-37


Falcon-9/Es'Hail-2 (Qatar) - November 15, 2018, SLC-39A

Falcon-9/Dragon CRS-16 (NASA ISS Supply mission) - December 5, 2018, SLC-40

T-15 min

T-60 (LOX venting)

T-0 (Ignition)


Max Q (maximum aerodynamic pressure)

1st stage descent (initial burn)

At the re-entry malfunction in hydraulic system resulted in the wild gyration and rotation of the booster. Although at the very last moment the stage righted itself, instead of landing on Landing Zone 1 (former LC-13) it splashed down in the ocean near the LC-37, i.e. almost 5 miles northeast of target. Based on erratic behavior during descent the stage could've easily landed at the spectators if it went west of splashdown.

Second burn.

Burn continues, but stage is in different attitude. Thrusters are trying to right the stage.

Stage continues gyrating and spinning

Just seconds from splashdown.

L-1011 Stargazer/Antares - 2018, Skid Strip

Photo Filemon Cabrera


Early Manned Launches (All photos courtesy NASA)



Titan II/Gemini


Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-1)