OMF World

Johnson Space Center

Visitor's Center

T-38 trainers

T-38 trainers

Apollo Capsule Mock-up

Apollo Capsule Mock-up

Space Shuttle Independence (before arrival of Boeing-747)

Visitor's Center. Independence Plaza

SS Independence on top of transport plane Boeing-747 (NASA 905).
This is a full scale replica, formerly SS Explorer.

SS Independence on top of transport plane Boeing-747

SS Independence on top of transport plane Boeing-747

Boeing-747 interior

Space Shuttle Independence forward maneuvering thrusters

SS Independence cargo bay

SS Independence cockpit

SS Independence airlock

SS Independence toilet

Boeing-747 missions

Visitor's Center. Skylab Trainer Exhibit

Skylab exterior

Skylab Interior
Skylab is a converted third stage S-IVB of Saturn-V rocket

Skylab interior

Skylab waste management system (toilet/shower)

Skylab sleep compartment

Visitor's Center. Miscellaneous Exhibits

Lunar Lander

Space Shuttle Main Engine

Gemini-5 capsule

Apollo-Soyuz docking adapter (training module)

Boeing-747 Crew

JSC Building 9. Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility (training and research center)

International Space Station (ISS) NASA module Destiny

ISS International Segment

ISS Russian Segment

ISS Rusiian module Zarya (Dawn)

USS Russian module Zvezda (Star)

ISS NASA modules

Soyuz Orbital Module (Crew transfer)

Orion Command Module
In the lower right corner model of the Space Launch System (SLS)

Mars Expedition Module

Mars Expedition Rover

Another Mars Expedition Rover

Same design, different rover


JSC Building 30. Mission Control Center

Mission Control Center

Mission Control Room

Mission Control Room

Space Shuttle Cockpit Trainer

Space Shuttle Cargo Bay Trainer

JSC Rocket Park

Mercury/Redstone (mock-up)

Little Joe II
Used for flight testing of Apollo Launch Abort System (LAS) and landing parachutes

Saturn-IB Main Engine

Saturn-IIB Main Engine

Saturn-IVB Main Engine

JSC Building 90. Saturn-V Exhibit



Saturn-IC first stage (SA-514, cancelled Apollo-19)

Saturn-IC Main Engines

Saturn-IC Main Engine Piping

Saturn-IIB Second Stage (SA-515, cancelled Apollo-20)

Saturn-IIB Second Stage

Saturn-IIB Main Engines

Saturn-IVB Third Stage (SA-513, cancelled Apollo-18)

Saturn-IVB Main Engine


Apollo Command Module

Apollo Command Module and LAS

Apollo Command/Service Module (CSM-115, cancelled Apollo-19)

Transition Module (housed Lunar Module)